Rear View Thoughts, 2021

I get asked this question a lot. Why do I paint clouds? The simple answer is that I find them fascinating. I'm a hopeless dreamer at heart, even though I never remember my sleeping dreams. I feel that clouds represent our dreamer selves, aspirations, and emotions, whereas when I paint angles and buildings, they are more grounding. It's a fun dichotomy to play with. There's always a surreal element to my paintings where in my mind, I'm pushing the viewer to question the lines between their reality and dreams. 

Life is Beautiful an I Have Time, 2021

I grew up stifling most of my emotions and it's very satisfying as an adult to explore those raw feelings. I'm raising my daughter to be okay with strong emotions and learn how to communicate and explore coping skills. This is so important to me and I discover this rawness expressed in my paintings. When I'm in the studio, I often find that I won't remember working on a specific piece. I lose myself in the act of painting and it allows those feelings to come through on the canvas. It's one of the things I love most about painting!


I also find clouds so expressive. Dark and stormy, light and fluffy; there's a cloud to fit every mood. When I'm painting, my state of mind definitely influences how I portray the sky. 

Nothing Hidden, 2021

What I truly hope is that collectors will feel the same sense of dreaminess when looking at my art. I want it to inspire and challenge you to think about your own dreams and what you can do to make your reality a little bit closer to those ideas. 


Dream big, friends.

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